* The following sites are either in the process of achieving planning permission or have been granted permission to design and build a full valet jet wash site at the following locations 

Morrison Denton Manchester  £60,000

Morrison Nottingham Bulwell

Morrison Derby Wheatcroft Way   £60,000
Morrison Coventry Binley   £60,000
Morrison Lincoln Triton Road   £60,000
Morrison Stockport   £60,000
Morrison St Helen's   £60,000
Morrisons Coalville Leicester   £60,000
Morrisons Bedford   £60,000
Sainsbury's Sutton London   £70,000
Asda Eastgate Basildon   £60,000
Morrisons Newark   £55,000
Morrisons Queensbury London   £66,000
Morrisons Watford  £60,000
Morrisons Grays Essex   £60,000
Morrisons Rotherham Catcliffe  £60,000
Morrisons Elland Leeds   £50,000
Morrisons Borehamwood   £60,000
Morrisons Leeds Kirkstall  £60,000
Morrisons Burton on Trent  £60,000

All prices quoted are subject to VAT.

Please apply to CPV if you have any interest in any of the above sites or wish us to consider a location for you. 

Similarly, if as a prospective franchisee you have an interest in any ASDA store location within the UK please submit an initial enquiry to CPV to investigate for you.

ASDA are now considering UK wide requests from CPV for full valet jet wash builds.

Contact Andrew Butler on 07506023091 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.