* The following sites are either in the process of achieving planning permission or have been granted permission to design and build a full valet jet wash site at the following ASDA store locations:

Bromborough (permission granted and site built and ready to open) £66,000
Bury Pilsworth (permission granted and site built and ready to open) £66,000
Cardiff Pentwyn (permission granted and site built and ready to open)  
Abbey Park Coventry  
Telford (planning permission granted)  
Lincoln (planning permission granted)  
Brighton Hollingbury (planning permission due 2016)  
West Bridgeford (planning permission granted)  
Liverpool Walton (planning permission due 2016)  
Bedminster (planning permission due 2016)  
Bishop Aukland (planning permission granted)  
Blackpool (planning permission granted)  
Hartlepool (planning permission due 2016)  
Keighley (planning permission due 2016)  
Radcliffe (planning permission granted)  
Rotherham (planning permission due 2016)  
Skelmersdale (planning permission due 2016)  
Norwich (planning permission due 2016)  
Ipswich (planning permission due 2016)  
Hastings (site open and available for purchase under new 5 year term) £60,000

In the case of ASDA, please note that we have a specific arrangement whereby if any prospective franchisee has a particular interest in any site in the UK that ASDA run, then they may submit a CPV car wash application at no initial charge for consideration. If ASDA then give the initial go ahead then CPV may submit a detailed planning application to which a £6000 deposit will be required by the prospective franchisee. 

Please apply to CPV if you have any interest in an ASDA site.

Similarly, if as a prospective franchisee you have an interest in any Sainsbury’s store location within the UK please submit an initial enquiry to CPV to investigate for you.

Sainsbury’s are now considering UK wide requests from CPV for full valet jet wash builds.

The following sites are available at Sainsbury’s for a mobile trolley wash solution:-

Blackpool £15,000
Dulwich £20,000