1. Register your interest as a potential franchisee with CPV.

  2. CPV will then send you an application form to complete. This is to be returned with a copy of your passport and evidence of your residential address.

  3. CPV will then conduct Keesing UK Right to Work checks.

  4. Once all checks have been completed and are successful, CPV will arrange for you to undertake a meeting at their head office in Cambridgeshire with Andrew Butler (Managing Director).

  5. During this interview CPV will be seeking to understand how you would plan to run the franchise, what experience you have to offer and your financial capabilities.

  6. After this interview, if successful, CPV will review their existing locations portfolio for site options. In addition, the company will review potential new ASDA and Sainsbury’s site locations for consideration.

  7. CPV will then set up a meeting to discuss possible site locations, financial budget required and what type of build can be delivered. In the case of full valet jet wash sites, the meeting will also discuss matters such as mains water and electricity options, borehole solutions and recycling tank options as well as rainwater harvest options. Each full valet will be considered on it’s merits towards being environmentally friendly and cost efficient.

  8. Once the franchisee agrees a site location both parties will enter into a contract to have the site either set up (mobile trolley wash) or built (full valet jet wash) and discuss timescales for doing so.

  9. In the case of jet wash builds, the franchisee will be advised step-by-step as to the process of the build and will have the ability to visit the site to see the build taking place. A sizeable deposit will be taken prior to the build going ahead and final payment is due on completion of the build and once the site has been operationally tested and confirmed ready to open for business.

  10. Once the site is handed over and operating, the franchisee will have the ongoing support of CPV in ensuring the site has the best possible chance of success.

Please review the FAQ document for further information.