CPV prides itself on being considered as a franchise family that is there as the head of the family to support the other members.

The company defines it’s success with a managing director who seeks to lead and self regulate the hand car wash industry. This important ethos and responsibility resonates throughout the company as the CPV staff seek to support and hep the franchises become successful and consistent businesses. The whole success of the business is that the franchisee must enjoy their work.

CPV operate a maintenance team that support the franchises UK wide when it comes to matters ranging from setting up a new site, to topping up extra storage water tanks; down to repairing trolley wheels. 

Head Office comprises of Akm Masum who manages the accounts for the company and Abu Farad who manages the day to to day chemical orders and matters such as signage and receipts. The two work well together to ensure that all rents are paid on time and that our landlords are also looked after with proper audited accounts and cash flow projections.

The key group of the business remains the training team (managed by Paul Keating) and the UK wide regional management team made up of Monika, Stephen and Tony. Together the team look to ensure that each site is compliant at all times, well managed and that if any issues arise they can offer support and advice.

In addition, Managing Director Andrew Butler, as well as steering the company with ambitious growth plans is regularly meeting franchises, landlords and new prospects across the UK. Andrew also adopts a policy of ‘open door discussion’ and makes it known that at least three times a month anyone can drop into his office at Shingay cum Wendy and discuss matters ranging from advice on how to set up a franchise to what his thoughts are on how the future looks for the business with matters such as BREXIT changing the business landscape. 

One thing you can be sure of with CPV is that throughout the whole business we deal with each individual with respect and a sense of success and purpose as we seek to ensure landlords, franchises and suppliers are looked after in the best possible way.