CPV’s reputation over the past five years proceeds us. In essence if you talk to our highly successful franchisees you will quickly understand why they choose to work with CPV.

Today we have 100% occupation on our fully built and opened sites, meaning that we couple high franchisee interest for sites with building sites to suit them and their business needs.

In doing this, CPV work in tandem with our franchisees and landlords to ensure we deliver a highly successful long lasting site to operate from.

As part of this process we ensure the following takes place :- 

  • A minimum two stage interview process with the franchise prospect.
  • Ensuring a business plan is in place and is worked upon throughout the life of the site to maximise results.
  • A strong allegiance with our landlords to ensure full compliance at Health & Safety, Build, Operational and Customer Service levels at all times.
  • Detail UK Right to Work checks with the unique Keesing software services which ensures all our franchisees and their workers are passed to operate and work at our sites. In doing this we provide extra comfort and compliance to our landlords as well as the government bodies such as Police, Home Office & Immigration Services.
  • Strong consultancy support from our water experts to ensure that we continue to stay ahead of technology and services to deliver car wash services with trade effluent licence approvals or borehole permission or recycling plant approvals. Each time we open a site we provide the franchisee and the landlord with the best recommendations for operation.
  • CPV invest heavily and very importantly, consistently, in training via our UK training team so as to ensure each site (whether it be a mobile trolley wash service or a full valet jet wash service) is compliant with our cleaning requirements. As a result of this each operative obtains a certificate of competence when they have passed their tests and also have the opportunity to undertake further training with visits to our chemical provider, Nielsen Chemicals.
  • Nielsen Chemicals, as our sole provider of chemicals, also ensures we have full and proper compliance of chemicals with COSHH success. The majority of chemicals used are biodegradable and as such match our aspirations to always be environmentally friendly.
  • The business also supports the franchise network with a network of Regional Business Managers covering all parts of England and Wales. Each manager covers a geographic territory and assumes responsibility for approximately 40 sites. Each site is visited regularly each month for independent spot checks as well as undertakes an important thorough compliance audit each month where they are required to achieve a minimum 80% pass mark to ensure they are allowed to operate.
  • Most importantly, the key mantra from CPV and it’s team is one of: RESPECT. Respect for our landlords, respect for our franchisees and our customers. We believe if respect is shown and enthused across the business then in all our decision making we will remain fair, honest and with integrity.