CPV prides itself on leading the hand car wash business when it comes to considering the impact of the business on the environment. 

Today we lead the way with rain harvesting and recycling solutions for car washes whereby the business relies less on the main water services and more on the environment through natural rain water.

Each site is considered on a case by case basis to weigh up the need to improve and help the environment as well as consider the reasonable financial costs involved.

Sites such as full valet sites may be considered with mains water and electric feeds as well as borehole designs for pumping water and consideration of other methods such as the recycling and rain harvesting. 

In addition, by working with Nielsen Chemicals, CPV have the confidence that the chemical products when dispersed in the cleaning process are biodegradable and heavily diluted at ratios of normally at least 1: 20/30.

The company continues to develop and research new products to ensure we maximise the benefit of a better working environment and in each case we adhere to all necessary regulations.